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Another story from the #openfiction collection A STRANGE FAREWELL Story: P Anil Prasad
It was Divya’s second day in the Space Agency as a Junior Scientist. She sat confused on her bed in the staff apartment. Her heart was heavy. Last night she had a dream about her most intimate schoolmate Ronny. In the dream she saw him injured and lying unconscious on the stone bench of a park that was very familiar to her.
During her school days her family was in deep financial trouble. Her father owned a small shop. But he was a drunkard and never earned a penny for the family. Her mother was a piano instructor and her small earnings were the only source of income for the family.
Ronny’s home was in her neighbourhood. Both his parents were teachers at the school were they studied. He was always kind and compassionate to her. During those difficult times in her life, he offered unconditional support that she would never forget. He used to get her school fees settled by his parents.
There happened yet …

Life Cycle of Tomato

Life Cycle of Tomato, as traced from the Kitchen Gardening project :)


Yet another story from the #openficiton collection
THE TWEET GUIDE Story: P Anil Prasad

A fine Sunday morning. It was the last day of his week-long lecture series in that country. His return ticket was booked for the evening flight and therefore he packed everything in the previous night itself.
It was only while going back to his room from the health club of the hotel, he realized that he forgot an important item in his original travel plan; a motorcycle ride through the awesome villages! Immediately he contacted the travel desk of the hotel and the travel assistant arranged a motor cycle for his village ride and gave him a brief route advice. Within half an hour he started his dream ride.
It took almost an hour to reach the outskirts of the nearest village. The terrine kept on changing as he went deep into the village. The neat and narrow roads having trees and plants bearing beautiful flowers of all colours on both sides, hills, vineyards, small streams, cereal fields - everything tog…


Another story from my open collection
A LATE BLOSSOM Story: P Anil Prasad
During the initial days of her bed rest at home, Elizabeth cherished the hope of an early recovery. Words of the senior physician, while discharging her from hospital after seventy two days long treatment, frequently echoed in her ears. “Now it is time for bed-rest at home. Though it is supposed to take a longer duration for complete cure theoretically, there are many incidents of miracles happened during home nursing time. I mean, we cannot rule out the possibility of an amazingly speedy recovery”
Initially she tried to concentrate on reading. She read a lot of books from all genres of writing. At times she also loved to hear the life stories of Beena, her home nurse. She told Elizabeth a lot on her adventurous but most often successful struggles against the odds of her life. Her husband was a medical doctor. They migrated to that place from India. When their third child was just six months old, her husband died…


Vibrancy of the morning sun Radiates though the pale yellow sheath of Morning mist and together they Transform the view of valley village Enchanting like a heavenly dream
Bulbul sings harmoniously along with The bubbling and clattering flow of mirror like And cooler than ice water river Still in the ecstasy of nightlong hugging Pleasured with the mighty mountain Make your heart proclaim mad love.
As you walk barefoot in the open The glittering dews on the grass Send in chilling waves of cold shock Into every cell in your lukewarm body And in a shuddering you surpass it Just to swim in the river like a fish