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THEY LOVED HIM! Flash fiction : P Anil Prasad (Written in 2012 and included in the story collection 'The Quake and other stories')
A five member team of junior doctors in the surgery department and a two member anaesthesia team were busy at work in the operating room number five since 6 a.m that day. The first surgery posted for the day was a major one. When the elderly patient fell into a safe and deep sleep, Dr. Arun, the senior anesthesiologist, signalled okay with a confident smile. They all knew it was time to start the surgery!
The junior doctors started the initial procedures expecting the crash-landing of Prof. Narendran, the head of surgery department at any moment from then. They used to call his arrival as crash-landing, because he used to rush into the operation room at the sharp time. On his arrival everybody, except the Anaesthesiologists, would get scolding in the form of very angry murmurs for one reason or another. They all respected him. Perhaps, it was more t…


Flash fiction: P. Anil Prasad (First published in 2012 as open fiction)
“A Friday night. It was raining hard outside. He was alone at that guesthouse, which was in a reserve forest area. Howling wind pounded on the doors. Suddenly everything jolted in a thunderbolt. The power went off. Thick darkness filled in. 
Normally he liked the untamed forces of nature. However, during that time unknown fears overwhelmed his thoughts. He did not know why. 'Human mind behaves strangely at times' - he tried to console himself.
Suddenly a knock heard at the front door. His fears crossed the limit. He knew that no human being other than himself was there at that time. It was also not possible for anyone else to reach the place in such a bad weather.
The knock repeated. It was getting stronger and louder. He did not know what to do.
‘Who…is…that' - somehow he managed to get these much sound out of his gullet.
No answer. 
The knocking continued. An over release of adren…


I wrote this story after seeing the very tragic photos of the deadly earthquake that struck the Kerman province of southeastern Iran on December 26, 2003.

Short story: P. Anil Prasad

It was the hardest winter in his memory. He shivered severely in the piercingly cold wind as the full Moon peeped through the pale yellow sheath of fog. The view of the village in the moonlight frightened him. The collapsed structures and uprooted trees together reminded him of the giants in the fairy tales. Only relief was a small group of people who were sitting nearby.

Aseem once again recollected the incidents occurred in the morning. He and his twin brother Abed were on their way to School when the massive tremors occurred. Their school was on the other side of the river. To cross the river they had to go over a very old and narrow wooden bridge.

The first and the most deadly tremor occurred just a few seconds after he crossed the bridge. His brother was still crossing the bridge. Suddenly th…


Recent reports from various parts of the world indicate that the production of diesel and petrol vehicles might be stopped by 2030. In this context, I hope you may like to read the last chapter from the vol. 1 of my open fiction series IMANOFUTU published in 2013. The title Imanofutu is the acronym for Imaginary nation of the future.

Open Fiction : P. Anil Prasad
It was 2100. The day view of Imacifutu was extremely fearful. It looked like the abandoned cities in fairytale… deadly rays of angry sun burnt it like a furnace!
Imacifutu was the capital of Imanofutu. Till the beginning of twenty first century Imacifutu was very famous as the first planned city in Imanofutu. It was also the most beautiful metro-city that the world had ever seen. In the beginning of twenty first century, eight percent of the total population of Imanofutu was living in Imacifutu.
Imacifutu, as a place rich with fossil fuel deposit, began to rise as the Industrial hub of Imanofutu fro…


The story was originally written in Malayalam in 2002 and published in a service magazine. Later the writer himself translated it into English.

BEYOND REASONING Short story: P. Anil Prasad
During weekends he liked to explore remote villages, a new one each time. He was born and brought up in a metro city and never visited a village till he got his present job in a BPO company. One thing he liked the most about the company was the activities of weekend recreation groups. There were a number of weekend recreation groups in the company. Among all the groups, the forest trekking group was the leading one. All the group leaders welcomed him to their group. Finally he decided to join the trekking group. During one of the trekking, it was six months after his joining, they visited a tribal village and spent a lot of time there. The atmosphere of the village and the life of its people attracted him very much. After that experience he was captivated by the desire of exploring villages. Thus he …