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Training is an act of teaching

The other day there was an interesting debate on teachers and trainers on UNESCO - UNEVOC online discussion forum. My opinion is that 'training is an act of teaching', provided teaching is both the facilitation of learning and its application.
People normally think teaching and training are entirely different. This happens because, in our perception, we limit the scope of teaching as just knowledge delivery. But the fact is that any effective teaching is a facilitation of knowledge acquisition and its application. We cannot do half of it and say it is done. Similarly, on the other hand, all the effective training programmes happen with the support of teaching the why element, the basic principles, sciences and procedures etc. The application part comes only thereafter. Normally, in the training context, people highlight only the application part. Still learning facilitation happens in a stronger way and that is how the application part becomes effective. Said that…


My first English short story. I wrote this story in 2005 and first published on a UK based short story publishing website. Later that web service was closed down. Subsequently I included it in my open story book "The Quake and Other Stories". This story was triggered by the photo of an old lady sitting helplessly before the debris of her home after hurricane Katrina, which I saw in the online edition of, probably, Washington Post. Setting of the story is 1960s. (Photos from commons.wikimedia)

Short story: P. Anil Prasad 
As usual Elizabeth began to scold Ben in the morning. Every day she would find a reason for that. But surprisingly Ben was very happy to hear it, because it was the only occasion she appeared to be energetic during those days.  Ben came out of their house to the front yard and looked at the sky. It was getting darker. ‘For last two days no family in this area might have switched off their radios and TVs’ – he thought. Repeated climate advisories fo…