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My Open Education Week messages on FaceBook

MARCH 28, 2017

Open Education along with Open Educational Resources forms the GREENEST sustainable learning system for the future! Apart from all learning objectives, it can make huge contribution towards environment protection! HAPPY OPEN EDUCATION WEEK! #openeducationwk

MARCH 29, 2017

Flipped classrooms bring in more openness in the formal academic environments. In this Open Education Week, let us encourage more and more institutions to reach out to the needy with flip methods and open resources.#openeducationwk

MARCH 30, 2017
Industry specific vocational skill development is a hot topic world wide nowadays. In this Open Education Week, let us think about ways to effectively use Open Education to reach out to those who desperately in need of new skills for a livelihood. #openeducationwk

MARCH 31, 2017
Learning is an organic process. It happens naturally. That is why all the living beings are still here in this world. When we analyse successful man-made educational methods and techniqu…