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Aditi's Kochi

Aditi's Kochi

Short Story: P. Anil Prasad

Aditi hails from a beautiful village called Dayalpur, which is in the Jalandhar district of Punjab. When she was studying for her first year under graduation in the Government College Tehang, her family had moved to Kochi in Kerala as her father Ranjit Singh wanted to takeover a wholesale store for electronic equipment spare-parts run by his eldest bother Teja Singh consequent on his death. Teja Singh was unmarried. During that time Ranjit Singh was a high school teacher in Dayalpur. Since Ranjit's elder brother was settled in Canada, it became Ranjit's sole discretion to decide on the future of Teja's business establishment, which was well known in north Kerala. Family and friends advised Ranjit against the closure of that very successful and profitable business. Thus after much deliberations, Ranjit decided to resign his teacher's job to takeover the business which was run with much passion by Teja. Another reason for Ranji…