Friday, January 22, 2016

The destroyer

The following is a poem inluded in the Volume 1 of the 'Imanofutu' fiction series titled 'IMANOFUTU; A 21 Cy Portrait' . In the fiction it is written and recited by a young poet, who is very disappointed and anxious about the panic efforts taken by people to escape from the clutches of the environmental issues towards the end of the 21st century. 'The under earth and under sea hideouts' refer to the Under Ground Living Space (UGL Space) and Under Sea Living Space initiatives of the Imanofutu government. Free digital copy of the fiction is available on Google Books and it can also be downloaded from

“You have been reckless exploiters
Who plundered nature for disasters
That you thought fortunes.

Hey men! You have spoiled the blues
And I don’t have blue skies now,
I don’t have white mountains
I don’t have green valleys
I don’t have serene air
Hey men! You are the arch destroyer!

Now you seek hideouts everywhere
Under the earth, under the sea,
These are not advancements
But man, you remember
You are in the return path
You are undoing the evolution!

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