Sunday, January 24, 2016

Social Systems for the Cyberspace

While writing the first two volumes of Imanofutu, one of the serious thoughts haunted me the need of well structured social systems in the cyberspace for the Imanofuteans. The starting point of the plot was the life in Imanofutu during the last quarter of the twenty first century. Since the climate change related issues had made the normal life in the open air almost impossible, the Cyberspace had become the main living space for the Imanofuteans. Starting from banking to schooling, everything has been migrated to the cyberspace. Thus they established Netizen's Community Networks (NCNs), which ensured access to and safety in the cyberspace for all by prudent technologies, definite laws and community ethics.

While returning from Imanofutu to our real world, there also we see millions of people have already started to live their real life in the virtual world! Yes, we are forced to admit that virtual world is not that virtual now. Of course, not chiefly because of environmental issues, but due to so many other technological, social and economical reasons. It quite naturally necessitates inclusiveness in the case of accessibility and stable systems to ensure security.

The guidances for living in the cyberspace have to be given to individuals from their childhood onwards in the same manner the family members, teachers and others mentor the younger ones to lead a healthy social life in the real world. Then there should be laws, and knowledge about such laws and adherence to it should become an organic development for every individual. Laws should also be in a way that cater to the different individual and social requirements in a healthy way. The requirements and ethics for the public spaces and individual or private spaces in the cyberspace have to be honored as in the case of their equivalents in the real world.

Individual users and communities of users should also take responsibility to ensure access to and security in the Cyberspace for them and their fellow human beings. When individuals and their communities maintain self restrictions and refrains, when they show respect, love and care for others, cyberspace also becomes a worthy living space for all.

You may be wondering why I am scribbling down it now. My reason is simple. I see Imanofutu like cyberspace requirement for all in this world as we age towards the later half of the current century.

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