Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some interesting concepts from IMANOFUTU Vol.3 ; The first alien home on Earth

Yet another collection of interesting concepts from  IMANOFUTU Vol.3 ; The first alien home on Earth

Acid Rain Suit : A suit to protect people from acid rain
Radiation Protection Capsule (RPC): A specially made capsule that can contain radiation without leakage.
Radiation absorption rods: a kind specially made rods that could absorb radiation
Very cool plasma like matter that emitted very high levels of radiation: the concept is self explanatory
Plasma electricity: Electricity generated from the plasma like matter
Conversion of radiation to electric energy and vice versa: the concept is self explanatory
Semi -transparent aliens: the concept is self explanatory
Universe communication tracking: search for communications other than the man made ones
Radiation Language (RL): a language that communicated using radiation frequencies
Vision energy nodes: special nodes on the body of aliens that helped them to scan things using radiations of various frequency levels, in a way the eyes of the aliens.
Radiation Language Conerter: An equipment and software that converted radiation language of aliens into Imana (the language of Imanofuteans) and vice versa.
Aliens were really a personification of energy: concept is self explanatory
It was really the various degrees of strange energy formations that functioned as body systems in the alien body:the concept is self explanatory
Since they boosted the energy within them by absorbing radiation energy directly, they did not have any digestive system.: the concept is self explanatory
They (the aliens) were getting organized automatically based on the nature and strength of condensed energy within them. Similarly, leaders were also not selected, but coming into existence based on the same energy theory.: the concept is self explanatory
There were (among the aliens) no genders, procreation, births and deaths as familiar to the men: the concept is self explanatory
New aliens were not born, but originated in the nature of their planet, when the energy in their nature reached certain combination and levels: the concept is self explanatory
They (aliens) dissolve to their nature when the energy levels in the body dipped to certain lower  levels: the concept is self explanatory
(Alien) technology to repel gravity to reduce the speed of falling objects: the concept is self explanatory
Universe Observatory Network: observatory networks spread in the universe

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Some interesting concepts from IMANOFUTU Vol.2; The eventful start of Sugirl's presidency

Some interesting concepts from IMANOFUTU Vol.2; The eventful start of Sugirl's presidency 
Female dominated society: Imanofutu became a female dominated society by the mid
21st century
Netizens’ Community Networks (NCN): NCN was actually an evolution of the Social Networks of twenty first century.
Completely online voting system to select the president of Imanofutu: the concept is self explanatory
Super Human Production Lab and the Laboratory production of superhuman beings: the concept is self explanatory
Production of artificial blood looked like water : the concept is self explanatory
Heat resistant skin formation in embryos procedure : the concept is self explanatory
Nano farming to facilitate agriculture in high atmospheric temperature : the concept is self explanatory.
Saucer shaped aircraft : the concept is self explanatory
Kinetic Energy Arresting System (KEAS): technology to absorb the kinetic energy of moving objects from outside to arrest its motion.
Diagnostic chairs: for automated diagnosis of diseases.
Technology for joining nerves with precision: the concept is self explanatory
Deep-water mass-transit system; the concept is self explanatory
Imanofutu’s own Mars Village’: the concept is self explanatory
Interplanetary International Mission (IIM): to set up an Interplanetary Exploration Station (IES) on Mars : the concept is self explanatory
Public funded open medical research: the concept is self explanatory

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Some interesting concepts from IMANOFUTU VOL.1; A 21 cy portrait

Some interesting concepts from the Volume 1 in the IMANOFUTU fiction series, subtitled A 21 cy portrait
Under Ground Living Space (UGL Space) : Large areas of living space built underground to save people from exorbitant heat and deadly radiations because of global warming.
Under Sea Living space: Extension of the UGL space technology to seas to build deepwater living spaces.
Portable nuclear power generators: To meet the energy needs when fossil fuel was banned , Imanofutean scientists developed zero risk portable nuclear power generators that used fusion technology.
Virtual Healing Machine: When psychological problems began to widespread consequent on remaining majority of time within buildings and UGL spaces, Imanofutean scientists developed virtual healing machine that provided a five dimension experience with natural sensations on the glorious past wherein Imanofutu adored the status of the most beautiful country in the word.
Complete virtual currency system: When the problems related to the climate change began to escalate dangerously, struggle for existence also escalated. Connecting to that all kinds of financial frauds began to popup in the country. As of the major initiatives to save the economy from those problems, Imanofutu introduced the first complete virtual currency system in the world.
First cloned child: Imanofutu developed the first cloned human baby in the laboratory and studied the different stages of life. Later in the first volume of the fiction she becomes a college lecturer with the name Reona
Virtual Individual Identification Card (VI2C): Imanofutu administration abolished more than two dozens of different identity documents issued to its citizens and instituted a single Virtual Individual Identification Card (VI2C) that provided comprehensive information of an individual from birth to death. The individual data from the repository was retrieved using biometric information.
Statute for Imanofutu Underground Living Space Development and regulating underground living. The title is self explanatory.
Total ban on the production and use of fossil fuels and vehicles using it : title is self explanatory.
Once the planet earth is sick, then money shall have no value : the concept is self explanatory
Increased occurrences of  cancers in man were the early signs of another wave of biological evolution : the concept is self explanatory
Animals' fight with the man for water : the concept is self explanatory
Imanus; the traditional medical practice of Imanofutu
Mental age crisis: because of over exposure to information and life experiences, the minds of people became drastically older than their body

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wick irrigation for farming; one of the cheapest technologies to combat climate change

Recently I read a report in a daily about how an agriculture scientist managed her own terrace farming from drying out during her family vacation tour using wick irrigation (thiri nana in Malayalam). The report said that the scientist collected a few mineral water bottles, cut it suitably and put thick wicks in each bottle and placed the bottles below the grow bags which were placed in metal stands and connected the top end of the wick into the soil in the grow bag through the bottom. Now the remaining part of the irrigation has been managed perfectly by the capillary rise principle during her entire fifteen day vacation! When she came back, all her plants were fresh, grew further, someone flowered and all were fluttering very happily in the breeze. The plants didn’t felt the absence of their mentor! Though the news did not provide any pictures of the arrangement, I am trying to draw here what I conceived while reading it.

Since water will remain in the bottom layer of the soil in the grow bag, where the roots are, it will reduce the loss of water by evaporation substantially. A lot of modifications can be brought into this technology, for instance, concealing the bottles also in a layer of soil may reduce the evaporation of water from the bottles. The scientist placed four bottles beneath each bag. Of course, you may have to adjust this number based on the size of the bag as well as the normal water intake nature of the plants.

The above news, made me think about wick irrigation as an ideal technology for the parts of the world which face severe water scarcity. In future, it might become one of the most wanted technologies if the overall drop of ground water levels continues in the same pace. Perhaps, the drop pace is likely to be increased in the years to come.

It is high time we started to develop alternative technologies that can save life on the earth in the decades to come. The situation reminds me of the plight and efforts of the people who face severe effects of climate change in my own fiction IMANOFUTU. I can predict that wick irrigation would definitely come out as one of the cheapest and very effective alternative technologies to combat the climate change.

Monday, September 7, 2015

ASAP leaps to new horizons through Smart India initiative

The relevance of vocational courses to the changing industry, employment opportunities for those who complete vocational courses and stigma towards vocational courses are some of the major unresolved issues in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system. For the last few weeks, UNESCO’s UNEVOC online forum has been discussing this hot topic.

Now, Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP), an initiative of Higher Education Department, Government of Kerala in India, presents a promising way to address the above issue by bringing in entrepreneurship development as a strong and influential component of vocational education and training.

It is not just a theory now. The Kannur District team of ASAP just started to pilot it. They chose Self Help Group (SHG) model for this pilot phase. The SHG model is always a safer mode for the group of young entrepreneurs to start off. As they progress and get groomed, they can easily switch over to a formal company set up. The Kannur Team of ASAP named the initiative as Smart India and the initiative was formally inaugurated by Shri. K.P. Mohanan, Minister for Agriculture, Government of Kerala on 6th September. This would be the first of its kind, wherein a skills training initiative is hatching and releasing a fully equipped entrepreneurs group.

In the Smart India initiative, the SHGs are formed following a five step structured process, namely: booting, filtering, grooming, hatching and launching. In booting stage the team mobilizes interested students and preliminary screening. In the filtering stage  groups are formed. In the grooming stage, they are further trained in vital areas of business and opportunities to interact with successful industrialists are provided, and in hatching the ASAP district team mobilizes minimum clients for each group and all the groups conduct market survey in the related domains. Launching is the final phase wherein the real job starts. Before this final stage all the tools (both hard and soft including CRM), systems, procedures and other paraphernalia will be in place and operational.

From the very beginning itself the ASAP district team injects a high degree of professionalism in the SHGs by setting the standards like all service calls will be acknowledged in three hours and will be attended in 24 hours. Failing which the service will be carried out free of cost. These Smart India SHG members are trained to maintain a standard approach and communication protocol with the clients. Computer hardware and networking, home appliance servicing and hospitality are the areas wherein SHGs are formed in the current pilot phase. In the hospitality sector, the students took over the management of a three star grade hotel from its original owner on profit sharing basis.

The Smart India initiative becomes very important in view of many entrepreneurship initiatives recently announced by both Government of India and Government of Kerala, which include Make in India, Digital India, Smart Kerala etc. The team is working to organize SHGs for all the reaming sectors wherein ASAP provides skill training. The Smart India model set by the ASAP Kannur team is a model not only for Kerala and India but also for the world. Hats off to the ASAP Kannur District team led by Ms. Smitha!