Monday, June 29, 2015

MAKE in INDIA and Skill Development

Various reports show that 80% of the world economy is depended on the manufacturing sector. The contribution of the service sector is 20%. It is in fact quite natural. The basic force that makes an economy progress is the transaction of manufactured products. You cannot lose out any person in this world from the lifecycle activities of manufacturing. You will be able to see every man in the life cycle of manufacturing, in various roles, like an investor, entrepreneur, expert, worker, distributor, seller and buyer and as one who enjoy the related ecosystems being formed as a byproduct of the manufacturing activities.

Nowadays service is also a product. However, service sector also finds its soul in the manufacturing sector. The reason, why we need a service is most often related to a manufactured product. The best example would be retail. Similarly, most of the soft services are also produced for the mobility of manufactured products.

The history also teaches us that prominent economies in the world are built on the solid foundation of manufacturing sector – just a revisiting of developments from 19th century (two industrial revolutions) onwards would be sufficient enough to prove this theory. If you are not convinced yet, please search for the root cause of the recent economic meltdown all over the globe. There you will definitely notice that over dependence on the service sector and undermining of the manufacturing sector as the two principal reasons. Thus, for India, MAKE IN INDIA initiative becomes the need of the hour.

Now let us try to establish the link between manufacturing and skill development based on the following two facts:

  1. Various studies show that a minimum of three jobs are created in the related sectors against each job in the manufacturing industry. 
  2. There are reliable findings, based on researches, on why manufacturing industry does not flourish in some parts of the world. One of the major hindrances is the lack of skilled manpower.
One trustworthy way to show the link between skilled manpower and economic prosperity would be to examine the percentage of skilled workforce among the working age group people in some of the prosperous economies. Reports state that in Korea it is 96%, Japan 80%, Germany 75% and in UK 68%. But in India, it was stated as 10%. It gives India the reason why the country should give greater importance to industry specific skill development.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Importance of being emotionally intelligent

Are you not able to accommodate opinions that are different from yours? Do you try to avoid people who express such opinions? Do you feel uneasiness in the company of people who are more successful in profession than you? Do you find it difficult to say sorry in a natural way when you commit some mistakes? Do you find it difficult to congratulate others spontaneously? Do you dislike sharing of resources with others, when they are in need and you have it in surplus? Do you have a tendency to speed up your vehicle without genuine reasons while someone tries to overtake you? Does your anger easily make you an unacceptable person?   If the answers to the above queries are ‘YES’, then it indicates that your emotional intelligence levels require further boosting.

A usual advice we used to get from the grandpas and grandmas was ‘be practical’, when we respond to various situations in life with excessive emotion.  This advice has been in existence from times unknown. Modern thinkers and scientists had gone further deep and wide into the above practical sense towards life and they coined the term ‘emotional intelligence’.  Now we trace the reasons for a major chunk of issues in the society to the lower levels of emotional intelligence. Therefore, becoming an emotionally intelligent person is very important. It is, in fact, the better levels of emotional intelligence that made the social life possible for man and nurtured civilizations.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


While we look around, one thing very apparent to all is that, most of the issues in the personal, family, social and professional lives of individuals are created by emotional imbalances, which can be represented as weak Emotional Intelligence. The next villain is health problems. All of us know that emotional imbalances and health problems are first cousins. World spends enormous billions for health, welfare and harmony; whereas, individuals can do it for no cost. One effective way is practicing yoga. Its postures provide systematic exercise and stimulation, not only to your muscles, but also to every organ, every cell in your body and most importantly to your mind!

A lot of debates are being aired on the mantras being recited as part of yoga practice. I would say, sound is one of the means through which the universe transmits energy. You being a part of the universe, when you produce a sound that synchronizes with the universe, then you are in HARMONY with the universe. Which is that sound? You need not search for it, because your ears can realize that sound which goes deep into your mind and body and one that does not disturb others. If you need some words to bring that sound out of your mouth, put any meaningful words that will be appreciated by people around you.

Therefore let us practice Yoga and help the world to live in harmony.