Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Some interesting concepts from IMANOFUTU VOL.1; A 21 cy portrait

Some interesting concepts from the Volume 1 in the IMANOFUTU fiction series, subtitled A 21 cy portrait
Under Ground Living Space (UGL Space) : Large areas of living space built underground to save people from exorbitant heat and deadly radiations because of global warming.
Under Sea Living space: Extension of the UGL space technology to seas to build deepwater living spaces.
Portable nuclear power generators: To meet the energy needs when fossil fuel was banned , Imanofutean scientists developed zero risk portable nuclear power generators that used fusion technology.
Virtual Healing Machine: When psychological problems began to widespread consequent on remaining majority of time within buildings and UGL spaces, Imanofutean scientists developed virtual healing machine that provided a five dimension experience with natural sensations on the glorious past wherein Imanofutu adored the status of the most beautiful country in the word.
Complete virtual currency system: When the problems related to the climate change began to escalate dangerously, struggle for existence also escalated. Connecting to that all kinds of financial frauds began to popup in the country. As of the major initiatives to save the economy from those problems, Imanofutu introduced the first complete virtual currency system in the world.
First cloned child: Imanofutu developed the first cloned human baby in the laboratory and studied the different stages of life. Later in the first volume of the fiction she becomes a college lecturer with the name Reona
Virtual Individual Identification Card (VI2C): Imanofutu administration abolished more than two dozens of different identity documents issued to its citizens and instituted a single Virtual Individual Identification Card (VI2C) that provided comprehensive information of an individual from birth to death. The individual data from the repository was retrieved using biometric information.
Statute for Imanofutu Underground Living Space Development and regulating underground living. The title is self explanatory.
Total ban on the production and use of fossil fuels and vehicles using it : title is self explanatory.
Once the planet earth is sick, then money shall have no value : the concept is self explanatory
Increased occurrences of  cancers in man were the early signs of another wave of biological evolution : the concept is self explanatory
Animals' fight with the man for water : the concept is self explanatory
Imanus; the traditional medical practice of Imanofutu
Mental age crisis: because of over exposure to information and life experiences, the minds of people became drastically older than their body

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