Sunday, June 28, 2015

Importance of being emotionally intelligent

Are you not able to accommodate opinions that are different from yours? Do you try to avoid people who express such opinions? Do you feel uneasiness in the company of people who are more successful in profession than you? Do you find it difficult to say sorry in a natural way when you commit some mistakes? Do you find it difficult to congratulate others spontaneously? Do you dislike sharing of resources with others, when they are in need and you have it in surplus? Do you have a tendency to speed up your vehicle without genuine reasons while someone tries to overtake you? Does your anger easily make you an unacceptable person?   If the answers to the above queries are ‘YES’, then it indicates that your emotional intelligence levels require further boosting.

A usual advice we used to get from the grandpas and grandmas was ‘be practical’, when we respond to various situations in life with excessive emotion.  This advice has been in existence from times unknown. Modern thinkers and scientists had gone further deep and wide into the above practical sense towards life and they coined the term ‘emotional intelligence’.  Now we trace the reasons for a major chunk of issues in the society to the lower levels of emotional intelligence. Therefore, becoming an emotionally intelligent person is very important. It is, in fact, the better levels of emotional intelligence that made the social life possible for man and nurtured civilizations.

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