Sunday, September 7, 2014

ONAM Greetings

Greetings for a warm and splendid ONAM to all Malayali friends across the globe!

Apart from greetings, let us also share a few thoughts for a better ONAM next year. Though we wish as above during each festival, there is increasing apprehension about the warmth and splendidness of festivals. Because, the chief constituent of all festivals, that is, close linkages to the nature, is slowly disappearing. Anything away from the nature would become mechanical very easily.  Especially in the case of ONAM, which is a harvest festival apart from all richness of mythology, safeguarding of its linkages to nature is highly essential. 

We also find that, lives in the world move away from nature very fast. What can we do to bring back the grand old charm and beauty of festivals? We have to work out this in small steps. In the case of ONAM, let us pledge that the next ONAM feast will be prepared by all in the family together, at least one home grown vegetable will be used for cooking it and will spend some time in the open fields. While writing this, I do not forget people who struggle in big cities for a livelihood. But I believe, possibilities are there as well, the only requirement is a will to do it

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