Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How to lead a calm and pleasant life? Cardinal rule – SIXTY SIX; Speed and frequency of daily travel

We have discussed the speed of life in this series earlier also. As it becomes more important in every second of life today, I would like to spare a few more thoughts.
Among various instances of speed in daily life, the speed and frequency of our on-the-road-daily-travel trigger very serious social, economic and environmental issues in almost all parts of the world. A fearful increase of motor vehicle density and related problems are examples.  If we are ready to observe day to day life carefully, we will find out the startling truth that the major catalysts of the speed and frequency of on-the-road-daily-travel are ignorance, lapses and improper planning of the day to day activities by individuals. With a little bit of planning of daily activities, as suggested below, we can produce wonderful results that will facilitate calm and pleasant life.
  1. Plan your each day’s activities before you go to bed on the previous day. Set a convenient time for you to wake up early and start your travel without any hurry.
  2. While planning a travel – no matter whether it is short or long - ask yourself “Is this travel really essential? Can I avoid this travel through a telephone call, e-mail, video conferencing or any other online service? Can I combine the need for this travel with some other travel that is likely to be occurring in the immediate future?”
  3. Take a decision that you will cover any distance below one kilometer by walking, as long as your health and climate conditions permit you to do so. Plan your activities accordingly.
  4. Use public transport systems to the maximum extent possible, and help authorities maintain such systems comfortable and customer friendly.
  5. Always remember that lapses in your part, in the above context, will make a lot of people hurry. Rather, assist others also observe the above best practices and bring an oath that you shall never make others unnecessarily hurry.
Practice it and make it a habit. Then the nature will make it sustainable by triggering necessary genetic engineering!

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