Thursday, June 12, 2014

Why should employer industries participate in skill development?

Majority of industry sectors find it difficult to mobilize human resource having required skill sets. This results in higher expenditure for recruitment, training and lower rate of productivity. But now, since almost all governments in the world implement skill development initiatives seriously, the scenario is changing in favour of the employer industry. Now it is the turn of the industries to exploit the benefits of this situation to the maximum extent possible.

The public money being invested in skill development would help the employer industries to reduce their training and development budgets substantially. After many decades, industry has now got a say in the HR development initiatives of the governments. What are the skill sets you require at each vertical in your industry? Be proactive and articulate and collaborate with the skill development initiatives to ensure that your requirements are well addressed.

This will create a win-win situation for both governments and the industries. While industries would be benefited as discussed above, the governments can ensure  industrial prosperity and better job opportunities to its citizens. 

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