Sunday, June 15, 2014

On the father’s day

Human beings always look for an idol to organize their social engagements in the right way – it is a psychological requirement. On the other hand, generally respected idols influence the individual minds to structure their life in a way supportive to the social wellbeing. Perhaps, formation and existence of human societies heavily depend on this nature of the human beings. It is in this context, father as the first hero of the child gains importance.

Earlier, once became a father, individuals used to practice an intelligent refrain from all activities that may affect the healthy grooming of the child. They also used to become more disciplined in a way that supports wellbeing of the family.  They also wanted to be socially accepted individuals. The social wellbeing is ensured when wellbeing of the family is related to the social acceptability. Does it lack in the modern times?

As family being the basic unit of a society, becoming an ideal father is of utmost importance. Happy father’s day!

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