Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Need for futuristic design in aviation technology; a requirement from IMANOFUTU

Yesterday, while writing the blog on NASA’s saucer shaped Mars exploration vehicle experiment, I was also thinking about the chapter 19 ‘Aviation Crisis’ in the fiction ‘IMANOFUTU’ (ISBN: 1478341866   ISBN-13: 978-1478341864).  That is why I have added the question Will it trigger a change in design concept for aviation within the earth’s atmosphere as well?”

You may like to read the following extract from the 19th Chapter of IMANOFUTU

Along with all other obstacles being faced by the aviation industry, the most difficult obstacle that the technocrats had been fearing for long became a reality. Ever increasing wind speeds in Imanofutu was going to put an end to the aviation industry. Since the wind speeds began to show a steady increase from the last century itself, so many dramatic changes had been brought in aviation technology. But now, within two or three years, wind speed was expected to surpass the threshold at which existing aviation technology could facilitate safe takeoffs and landings of aircrafts.

       Since the entire folk of technocrats in the aircraft industry was preoccupied with the modifications required in handling crisis arising almost every day because of the environmental issues, little research was made into the domain of a futuristic design for aircrafts taking into account of the fast changing environment.

       People of Imanofutu in all walks of life were very critical of government, aviation industry and the scientific community for their failure in finding out alternative technologies by overseeing the present crisis.

The technocrats could find only two options; either make miracles happen in the aviation technology or let all aircrafts down.”

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