Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to lead a calm and pleasant life? Cardinal rule – FORTY FOUR; balancing of things in life

Image attribution : commons.wikimedia.org

Balancing of things in life decides the nature, longevity and quality of one’s life. We have seen how nature keeps a wonderful equilibrium by arriving at the accurate balancing points of innumerable things, which creates an enabling environment for life. Therefore balancing is a basic requirement, which is equally applicable to the physical as well as virtual worlds of an individual. The physical world of an individual is inclusive of everything physical in nature, related to the individual, including the individual’s body.   The virtual world comprises one’s thoughts, imaginations, feelings, wisdom, virtues etc. Therefore, calm and pleasant life is actually the output of one’s ability to maintain right balancing in one’s physical as well as virtual worlds.

Practice it and make it a habit. Then the nature will make it sustainable by triggering necessary genetic engineering!  

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