Thursday, May 22, 2014

TVET improvement; approaching the subjects through the predominant media of delivery

In a recent discussion on TVET pedagogy at UNESCO-UNEVOC e-Forum there was a reference to exploring vocational subjects in terms of predominant medium through which they are expressed for improving the system. For instance, to deliver some subjects you have to predominantly use some material or machinery. In some cases, like in life skill development etc, the facilitator is the predominant medium. In other cases you have to use text, images etc – together called symbols.
I think that, approaching the TVET pedagogy through the predominant medium of delivery as given above will definitely help us to improve the system in an academic point of view. But in an industrial point of view, ‘by whom and how’ the medium is going to be fixed is the pertinent issue. Therefore there are two prerequisites; fixing of the medium and further designing of the instructional environment in conjunction with the medium. The system developed in this way can be looked at again through the angle of ‘delivery medium’ for further academic improvement. When it comes to TVET, fixing of the medium should be based on the real work environment and further development of the instructional design should be based on such medium.  It demands higher degrees of industry-academic collaboration.

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