Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mahatma Gandhi’s vision about the need for skill training

During a talk with teachers and students in Birla House, Delhi on 10th December 1947 Gandhiji said “only through imparting education through crafts can India stand before the world'’.  It was not the first time Gandhiji stressed the need for education through crafts. During his entire life he kept on reminding all the stakeholders about the importance of craft training in education.

Now in the twenty first century, when we talk about the gap between what industry demands and our education systems provide and the need for skills training, I seldom hear people mentioning the above revolutionary and futuristic vision of Mahatma. If we heard his words with the right spirit and acted timely and properly, the story would have been entirely different now.

This vision of the simplest man who led the strongest nonviolent struggle for independence in the world is equally applicable to almost all countries in the world. When you replace the name ‘India’ with other country names, immediately you will find how relevant it is.

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