Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Large scale environment protection activities take momentum; a good sign

The prologue to the fiction ‘IMANOFUTU’ (ISBN: 1478341866 , ISBN-13: 978-1478341864) ends with the note: 

“The day view of Imacifutu was extremely fearful. It looked like the abandoned cities you read in fantasies. Furthermore, it burnt like a furnace. You would see houses with doors and windows tightly closed… streets  with abandoned vehicles… trees charred in the anger of sun... no birds and animals… definitely you could not watch any living thing in the open! In short, days of Imacifutu were filled with deadly heat and awful silence. This was not the case of Imacifutu alone. The same situation prevailed in all other cities in Imanofutu.” – it is a word picture of ‘Imacifutu’ the capital of the imaginary island nation ‘IMANOFUTU’.

Definitely, we do not want to see any of our existing cities in the above shape. Now climate change has been accepted as a reality triggered largely by pollution. Major counties in the world have already started to acknowledge the same and initiate strong environment protection measures. Many countries are seriously thinking about the ways to reduce their vehicle population or to use alternative environment friendly fuels in the place of petroleum and other carbon releasing fuels.

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