Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to avoid pollution from vehicles?

Many international news agencies report the decision of the Chinese Government to scrap more than five million old cars to improve air quality in the smog hit areas. This problem of pollution by vehicles is not a case of China alone. Al most all industrially advanced parts of the world suffer from the issue, perhaps in varying degrees.

For a sustainable solution for this problem people should be able to avoid unnecessary driving in the first place. This will be possible only if individuals and organizations are able to plan their daily activities in a way that demands lesser need for travel. For this purpose they can make use of modern information technologies. In organizational context, if planned well, majority of meetings can be conducted online. This will also support the organizations to save substantial amount of money and time.
Another important attitudinal change required in individuals is a voluntary willingness to cover short distances by walking.  This will enhance the health of individual as well as the environment. In town planning particular should be given to provide comfortable walkways and bicycle tracks. Above all people should bring in simplicity in their living habits.

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