Thursday, May 8, 2014

Climate change is no more a fantasy; it is really changing...dangerously changing

The forth chapter in the prologue to the fiction IMANOFUTU (ISBN: 1478341866, ISBN-13: 978-1478341864)  starts with the narration “In the beginning of twenty first century fear of climate change spread all over the globe. Facts and fiction about climate change began to dominate all sorts of literature and media. Scientists, policy makers, technocrats, social workers and all other stakeholders came out with all sorts of confusing thoughts. However, finally towards the end of the second decade world had to admit that climate change was a reality.” The prologue to the fiction peeps into the miseries of the people of an imaginary island nation “Imanofutu” who were destined to live as the victims of climate change in the twenty first century. The main plot of the fiction series starts to tell the story of Imanofutu from 2101 onwards. 

Now the fiction is no more a fiction, because now it is a reality. The Global Change Report 2014 published by the US Government says “Global climate is changing and this is apparent across the United States in a wide range of observations. The global warming of the past 50 years is primarily due to human activities, predominantly the burning of fossil fuels.” This report is being considered as the definitive report on the impact of carbon pollution in the U.S.

In the introduction the reports says “Evidence for changes in Earth’s climate can be found from the top of the atmosphere to the depths of the oceans. Researchers from around the world have compiled this evidence using satellites, weather balloons, thermometers at surface stations, and many other types of observing systems that monitor the Earth’s weather and climate. The sum total of this evidence tells an unambiguous story: the planet is warming.”

Each individual in this loveliest PLANET in the vicinity of science so far may think about the ways to protect it for the future generations; THAT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY!

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