Friday, May 23, 2014

Climate change in IMANOFUTU; fiction and fact

Extract from the prologue to my fiction 'IMANOFUTU' (ISBN: 1478341866ISBN-13: 978-1478341864)


In the beginning of twenty first century fear of climate change spread all over the globe. Facts and fiction about climate change began to dominate all sorts of literature and media. Scientists, policy makers, technocrats, social workers and all other stakeholders came out with all sorts of confusing thoughts. However, finally towards the end of the second decade world had to admit that climate change was a reality.

The turn of events in Imanofutu was also not different. From the middle of the first decade of twenty first century, Imanofutu began to face visible changes in its climate cycle. The first change noted by all was the reduced rainfall, which was in turn accompanied by increased average temperature. A section of the Imanofutu scientific community argued that those were temporary phenomena and such thing had taken place many times in the history of the universe. But the other fraction of the scientific community warned government and other stakeholders that it was just a tip of the iceberg and more dreaded things were in store. They accused reckless industrialization and resultant environmental pollution as the basic reasons for the drastic changes in the climate.

The politicians and industrialists opposed the idea of climate change, because they feared that the popularity of such ideas would adversely affect industrial prospects of the country.  Amidst these verbal fights within and between different classes of the Imanofutean society, the changes in the environment kept on accumulating silently. The quantity and the occurrence of rainfall recorded a steep decline every year. It enhanced daytime temperature as well as scarcity of water. The ground water levels dipped drastically."

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