Sunday, April 27, 2014

Think twice before cutting a tree

Rough estimations say that the quantity of Oxygen a grown up man requires is equal to the quantity of Oxygen produced by twenty two trees. An acre of trees are required to produce oxygen for 18 people!

The total quantity of oxygen in the atmosphere is 210000 ppm approx. Out of that a drop of 2ppm is estimated in every five year. It was believed that this drop is relatively insignificant. But is it really insignificant? Are we safe? – I fear we are not safe. It is this intuition that made me write about government supply of oxygen in the prologue to my fiction ‘IMANOFUTU’.

There are sufficient reasons for us to fear about. World population, deforestation and environment pollution are increasing in lightning speed.  You know, ten million trees are cut down daily! Before 1947  our planet was covered by 5 .9 million squaremiles of mature forest. Now it is around 2.9 only!!!

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