Monday, April 28, 2014

OpenCourseWare Consortium’ is now ‘Open Education Consortium

The OpenCourseWare Consortium has announced the change of its name to ‘The Open Education Consortium.’ It was reported that this change has been brought in to reflect the developments in OER and open education.  The Consortium was broadening its scope of work over the past several years to include support for many types of open education projects around the world. A lot of new initiatives and collaborations are expected in the coming months.  Please visit  for further details.

The OpenCourseWare Consortium, formed in 2005, is a worldwide community of hundreds of higher education institutions and associated organizations committed to advancing open education and its impact on global education. It seeks to engender a culture of openness in education to allow everyone, everywhere to access the education they desire, while providing a shared body of knowledge and best practices that can be drawn upon for innovative and effective approaches..

The consortium has 280+ members from 40 countries. Its members host more than 30, 000 modules of open courses in 29 languages. It members includes world’s leading Universities, other education institutions  and organizations etc.

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