Friday, April 25, 2014

How to lead a calm and pleasant life? Cardinal rule – ELEVEN; INTERNAL AND PHYSICAL BETTERMENTS

For bettering a society, idols try to better its individuals. The betterment can be of internal or material in nature. The internal betterment means the betterment of an individual’s mental health and thereby the thought process. It is this instinct for internal betterment that makes human beings distinct from other animals and hence it is fundamental. The material betterment is the betterment of physical wealth and unfortunately it is inversely proportionate to the internal betterment. Therefore, idols concentrate more on internal betterment and ensure that it always surpasses the material betterment. This is the exact way to a sustainably ‘calm and pleasant life’.
Practice it and make it a habit. Then the nature will make it sustainable by triggering necessary genetic engineering

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