Saturday, March 1, 2014

An Environment friendly decision of Finance Department, Government of Kerala

In a very innovative and environment-friendly move Finance Department, Government of Kerala in India issued an order with respect to its salary disbursement system that saved the use of 400000 sheets of A4 size papers per month! In Kerala there are around 500000 Government Employees – including teachers. Out of these 50000 are Self Drawing Officers (SDOs). These SDOs have to submit their salary bill directly to the treasury each month. As per the existing treasury and related rules, salary bill shall have an abstract sheet and separate schedules for each statutory deduction such as Provident Fund, State Insurance, Group Insurance, Family Benefit Scheme, various loans and advances etc. A typical salary bill of a Self Drawing Officer shall have an average of eight A4 sheets of schedules attached to it.

Now in Government Order No. GO(P)No.76/2014/Fin Dated 21/02 /2014, the Finance Department has decided to withdraw all schedules and introduce a single A4 sheet bill. Through this decision the department has saved 350000 sheets of A4 size papers monthly and 4200000 sheets annually. This is also an interim step before introducing electronic submission of bills and e-transfer of salary, which will be a completely paperless salary disbursement system. Even the statutory auditors will receive only electronic data. In the next phase this will be introduced in the case of remaining 450000 employees who are not SDOs. In their case, one set bill having different schedules containing the details of all employees working in an office/project is being submitted now. Once SDO system is successfully piloted their salary will also be processed and disbursed electronically. 

It’s importance is not limited to saving huge volume of paper alone. At present, in most cases, laser printers are being used to print salary bills. The new decision will substantially reduce the use of toners and electricity as well. Definitely this decision is going to produce tangible positive influence in protecting the environment.  Apart from environment angle, it is also socially and economically important as the decision will save time and money for providing better services to the people.

The entire team of Finance Department who works for innovations deserves a loud applause! ; Especially, Shri. V.Somasundaran IAS, Additional Chief Secretary (Finance), who provides strong leadership and Shri. O.B Suresh Kumar, Accounts Officer, for the researches and efforts being put in for developing the new system.

Hope others will also replicate these kinds of best practices to save THE PLANET EARTH ; the loveliest planet in the vicinity of science so far!

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  1. Love your love of earth. Keep up the good work, Anil.