Friday, July 12, 2013

Vocationalisation of Higher Secondary Education

A lot of discussions are going on around the world on vocationalisation of higher secondary education. Nowadays when you say vocational education it points towards skill training actually. Development of life skills and plus to make the young generation easily employable with a decent living is the ultimate aim. It doesn’t mean depriving of opportunities for higher education to anybody. Instead it shows an ideal path for ‘enjoy the benefits of work and study’.

During the good old days spending as much time as possible in universities for higher studies was considered to be very prestigious. But the prevailing living environments in the world have put an end to this. Life in the world is moving more towards the reality of survival of the fittest who enters first in the labour market . Therefore entering into the labour market and obtaining a decent employment at the earliest has become pivotal to a successful life.

In the above context, I think,  converging the skill training with the regular academic studies,  especially from higher secondary level onwards, would be more ideal than running separate vocational institutions. Soft skills/life skills training should be provided as a mandatory component. Similarly a few hours from the weekend days should be used for sector specific skill trainings and industry familiarization. This system, when supported by a well designed skill development framework, would facilitate vertical and horizontal movement of students in the technical as well as arts and science academic ladders alike along with providing ample opportunity for an employment.