Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SP4Ed - Scenario Planning for Educators mOOC, my blog for Day 1

To my readers,

Friends, you may wonder why I am writing a blog introducing myself :) It is a part of the learning activities for the first day connected to an online course called “Scenario Planning for Educators (SP4Ed)” .  I along with others support the organizers of the course viz Open Educational Resource university (OERu) and the University of Canterbury e-Learning Lab, to test and refine course. You are also most welcome to enrol at (you have to create a log in at

Initially I thought about starting a separate blog for this, but immediately I changed my mind because I wanted to share the news of this initiative with my friends who read my blogs so that they can peep in if they would like to do so.

Now to my SP4Ed Mentors and online classmates .....

Dear all,

I am Anil Prasad from Kerala, India. I am an Under Secretary in Finance Department, Government of Kerala. But my interests are always with open learning, training etc. Therefore while holding the charge of ‘Centre for Training in Financial Management (CTFM)’ – the training institute of my parent department, I joined a project called ‘Additional Skill Acquisition Programme(ASAP)’ which is jointly implemented by Higher Education and General Education Departments of Government of Kerala. At ASAP  I am in charge of ‘Lifelong Learning Strategy and Systems Development’.

I am also a WikiEducator as well as an Academic Volunteer for OERu 

I am very confident that by attending this pilot course I will be able to acquire new knowledge which would support my functions relating to my actual work as well as support the organizers to fine-tune the course by providing feedback.