Friday, November 9, 2012

Leadership and capacity for efficient public service management; an insider’s perspective

This is actually an abstract of a (scheduled) working paper prepared for submitting to 'International Conference on Governance and Public Service Transformation in South Asia' scheduled to be conducted from 7th to 9th Dec this year in Dhaka. But unfortunately missed the deadline for its submission. Now I post it here to make me committed to complete this paper later - perhaps a trick to overcome writer's block :) 

Leadership and capacity for efficient public service management; an insider’s perspective

Leadership and capacity are vital to the successful carryout of any business. Basically, leadership is supposed to have the capacity to successfully complete the mission entrusted upon it, that is, leadership capacity. When we talk about leadership and capacity separately, capacity would also indicate other factors such as legal framework, various kinds of resources etc that are essential to fulfill a task. 

Currently - owing to numerous factors such as cumbersome procedures, bureaucratic lethargy and inefficiency, resource constraint and sentimental approach of the customers (here public), public service as a product of a government or an institution or an organization is the most difficult product to make successfully and distribute satisfactorily. Further, the impact and influence of the public service as a product of the society for its well-being, is far reaching than any other service products. 

All the above factors indicate that the kind of leadership and capacity that are required for efficient public service management should be exemplary in quality. In this respect we have to answer the questions: what are the factors that make public service predominant over all other services? what are the peculiarities of managing public service? what are the resources (capacities) we require for efficient and effective management of public service? what are the sources of such resources? How do we ensure their sustainable availability? what kind of leadership do we require for the sustained improvement of public services? what measures shall we take to ensure sustained growth of such leadership?

In the proposed working paper each one of the above questions would be examined in detail. At the end of reading the working paper one will be able to clearly identify the importance of public service as a product of society for its well being, the complexities of its making and supply, importance of leadership capacity in the cost efficient production and supply of public services and the essential capacities required for successful management of such public services in a sustainable way. 

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