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Open content licensing for educators (OCL4Ed 2012); free online workshop

The World has already realised the need for sharing knowledge freely and openly to ensure inclusive education - the open education - especially in a 10 bn plus world. The world population is predicted to touch the 10 bn mark in the current century itself! The primary game rule in open education is the ‘open content licensing’. A better understanding of open content licensing is essential for developing and managing open education systems as well as to become successful teachers and students in this domain, which is the promise for the future.
The Open Educational Resource Foundation (OERF), New Zealand and its director Dr. Wayne Mackintosh have now announced an innovative initiative  to train educators, students, education policy makers and all other stakeholders in open licensing - the Open Content Licensing for Educators  (OCL4Ed) workshop. The Open Content Licensing for Educators  (OCL4Ed) is a free online workshop designed for educators, students and education policy makers who w…

A book release and reunion of four friends

On 3 May, 2012,  I attended a book release, definitely, it was not like other book releases I have attended so far. The book was the autobiography of an intimate friend, published by the publishing firm of another intimate friend's family and the book was introduced in the function by yet another intimate friend. The second importance of the function was that it brought together these friends after a lapse of more than 15 years. The list of importance not ends here. The third importance was that the released book depicted the important creative moments that these friends shared together almost two decades ago.

The book was written by Dr. J. Hareendarn Nair ( Padmashree laureate 2012), published by Read India Publishers,  a firm run by the family of Muhammed Salim and the book was introduced in the release function by Anil Dev.

Muhammed Salim, Anil Dev and I were schoolmates  and intimate friends from Upper Primary School days onward. Our family members, other schoolmates and acquain…