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US - INDIA joint statement on Higher Education & exploring models for 21 cy institutions

The joint statement issued at the conclusion of  the US-India higher education summit held in Washington on 13th October 2011 lists proposals for many forward-looking initiatives, which the two countries endorsed to take up, based on the resolve of the stakeholders  from academia, government, and industry.
Two things in the statement that attracted me the most are:

the the proposal to support “Exploration of models for ‘educational institutions for the 21st Century’ (such as ‘meta’ universities)”, andthe proposal to set up an India-U.S. higher education platform
I hope this will open up tremendous opportunities to explore the possibilities based on the experience of innovative initiatives like VUSSC and OERu. Research and discussions on innovative models for educational institutions  are very important because:
current educational environment, in response to the existing socio-economic and labour market trends, demands hassle free movement of students across the globe and related trans…


As US and India are getting ready for the Higher Education Summit on October 13, 2011, two important things come to my mind are:

Possibility of collaborative efforts to develop OER

Availability of effective systems to make use of existing OERs and the ability to further build on it would be crucial factors in leading future higher education systems to success. Perhaps, India and US can work out ways for collaboration in this sector.
Already there are some major initiatives in this respect in both the countries. For example, the National Knowledge Commission (India) on 2nd November 2007, had made many progressive recommendations on Open Educational Resources (see ). Similarly in USA their Labour and Education Departments have decided to promote the development of OER through their Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant Program ( see…

VUSSC; the start of a revolution in transborder education

The Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth (VUSSC), through its Transnational Qualifications Framework,  has marked the start of a revolution in transborder education. Now it is the turn of Open Educational Resource university (OERu) ! The Virtual University for Small States of the Commonwealth  (VUSSC) is a mechanism for the small countries to collaboratively develop courses in post-secondary education sector. The materials produced are non-proprietary and therefore trouble free contextualisation of the materials for the requirements of specific countries are possible. Courses are developed in skill related areas such as tourism, entrepreneurship, disaster management, life skills, use of information and communication technologies, and small fisheries management.
The idea for VUSSC was conceived during the triennial conference of the thirty-two Ministers of Education of the small Commonwealth states in Halifax, Canada, in 2000. Following the Halifax meeting, the Comm…