Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions for 2012

Ensure substantial decline in the use of carbon fuels. Rather than pondering on national and global targets, let us set personal (individual) targets!
More thrust is given to establish and manage efficient public transport systems to reduce the use of private vehicles.
No more deforestation.
Intelligent use of available land for agriculture and further popularisation of environment friendly agricultural practices as a dignified profession among the young generation.
No more destruction of water sources and resources.
Ensure substantial decline in the use of products that cause environment problems during production, storage, use or disposal – of course we have to keep away from consumerism.
More concerted efforts for effective implementation of scientific methods to reduce the rate of population explosion.
Concerted efforts for introducing healthy lifestyles among children.
Initiatives for ensuring environment friendly practices in healthcare (like Ayurveda) and to promote further researches for the same.
Distarbances in the ecosystem that ensures harmonious coexistence of microbes and other living beings is becoming a more serious concern nowadays. Initiatives to alleviate the imbalances and to ensure that human activities do not upset the ecosystem are highly essential.
Recognizing Open Distance Learning as the most environment friendly and feasible method for inclusive higher education.
Concerted efforts to further popularise the production, use and reuse of Open Educational Resources.
Establishment of prototype for Open Educational Resources university (OERu).
And the most important – keep on reminding people about 'how to lead a healthy, peaceful and happy social life!'.


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  1. Thought provoking resolutions for a world speeding up to its own demise!Let's try to do the best we can to save this green earth