Sunday, October 16, 2011

US - INDIA joint statement on Higher Education & exploring models for 21 cy institutions

The joint statement issued at the conclusion of  the US-India higher education summit held in Washington on 13th October 2011 lists proposals for many forward-looking initiatives, which the two countries endorsed to take up, based on the resolve of the stakeholders  from academia, government, and industry.

Two things in the statement that attracted me the most are:

  1. the the proposal to support “Exploration of models for ‘educational institutions for the 21st Century’ (such as ‘meta’ universities)”, and
  2. the proposal to set up an India-U.S. higher education platform

I hope this will open up tremendous opportunities to explore the possibilities based on the experience of innovative initiatives like VUSSC and OERu. Research and discussions on innovative models for educational institutions  are very important because:

  • current educational environment, in response to the existing socio-economic and labour market trends, demands hassle free movement of students across the globe and related transfer of academic credits.
  • Moreover the world population is predicted to touch 10 billion mark in the current century itself.

What are the means before the world to ensure education for all?

(See the full text of the statement at )

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