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EduMOOC; Online Learning Tomorrow 2011-2021

The final week at EduMOOC was a time for forecasting (the future of online learning) based on the logically coherent discussions and documents we went through during the past seven weeks, and of course, based on further references as well.
I firmly believe that Open Distance Learning, with the support of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), is going to build an inclusive higher education system in the immediate future. The world has already started to view online learning and e-learning synonymous to Open Distance Learning (ODL). But I see online learning as an ICT enabled method of Open Distance Learning, which is fast becoming predominant of all methods of ODL. Therefore I prefer to call it online ODL, rather than calling it e-learning or online learning.
As we have discussed many times earlier, how long we can keep on building infrastructure for traditional classroom type higher education? Whether such efforts can cater the ever in…

EduMOOC; Collaboratives, Collectives and Clouds

Hi friends,

Topic for the seventh week at EduMOOC was “Collaboratives, Collectives and Clouds”. Giving simple and easily understandable definition to all the three words in the topic name seems to be  very important to approach the subject from the right angle.
A collaborative means working together to achieve a common objective (s), whereas collective means collective works in a domain with individual goals. Now what is a cloud? In simple terms, cloud computing is a comprehensive online store of various digital services, that include operating systems, application programs, hardware (like server) and various related services that will be made available online (just-in-time) on demand. Clouds also  let the end user free from all the technical complexities of Information and Communication Technology systems like configuring, customizing etc.
I think it will be rather easy to explain collaborative and collective efforts in a corporate context. For example, corporates have managing part…

EduMOOC; Personal Online Learning Networks

I think, in the sixth week at EduMOOC, we touched the core of online learning - the Personal Online Learning Networks.
We can find that every thing in this universe transmit some kind of information and It is eternal. Again every living being has some facility to receive and store information that are vital to their existence. But in the human context, owe to  the genetic peculiarity, human beings collect all sort of information, whether it is vital to their existence or not, and build knowledge by connecting this information sequentially and logically. This knowledge building process happens in every minds. Therefore the easiest way to acquire knowledge is connecting with people. In the distant past, man traveled by foot many months in search of knowledgeable people to acquire knowledge as well as knowledgeable people traveled a lot in search of learners. Therefore the hypothesis is that man cannot goes on without acquiring as well as sharing knowledge.
In the history, man has alway…