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EduMOOC; Public, Private & Open - Online Learning.

Hi friends,

Fifth week at EduMOOC was a week for reviewing the business process  and their social implications relating to various business models of ODL systems - Public, Private & Open - Online Learning. I found the following two blogs written by Sir John Daniel, President and Chief Executive Officer of Commonwealth of Learning ( very much relevant to the fifth week’s EduMOOC topic. eLearning and for-profit provision of higher educationObserving Private-Private and Public-Private Partnerships in Higher Education In the first blog Sir John Daniel discusses three important findings in a report by Tony Bates titled “2011 Outlook for Online Learning and Distance Education”. This includes (1) 21% expansion of enrolment in fully online (distance) courses in the USA between 2009 and 2010 compared to a 2% expansion in campus-based enrolments,(2) the fact that despite this growth institutional goals for eLearning are unambitious (3) in the USA the for-profit secto…

EduMOOC; Online Learning Apps and Mobile Learning

Hi friends, we had a challenging topic for the fourth week at EduMOOC - “Online Learning Apps and Mobile Learning”. Have the technologies once again changed the way we teach and learn? Is the Learning Management System dead - replaced by apps and mobile access?

If you google for apps - the short name we use to mention applications or  application programs, you will see that, in majority of the top search results,  apps is highlighted along with mobile, iPhone, iPad , iPod etc.
I take it as a strong indication of the current trend. Yes, the world is moving towards open distance learning systems that are well connected by mobile devices and wonderful applications that provide amazing learning  and networking experiences.
Though the image of mobile equipments come to our mind while talking about mobile learning, the basic concept in mobile- ie, the mobility - is already there in the LMS. The mobility concept has two factors viz, mobility of the learner and mobility of the equipment. In …

EduMOOC; Online Technologies Today and Tomorrow

During the first two weeks , because of the pressures of daily works, I was able to add my blogs on EduMOOC weekly topics only at the end of each weekly discussion. I believe that blogs are suggested to be added during the course of the weekly discussions itself. Therefore, in this week I prefer to be a good learner :) ...and hence this blog now.             
While thinking about the topic for the third week of our EduMOOC, that is, “Online Technologies Today and Tomorrow”, we cannot proceed without reviewing some basic information related to the earlier topics in the series. Virtual learning activities gained amazing pace in 1990s with the advent of Internet. Internet based online education originally began through various business houses using online training courses to prepare their newly recruited employees. Subsequently this method got popularity among universities and other academic bodies. Later with the advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Open Dis…

EduMOOC; What the research tells us

“Economic pressures and new models of education are presenting unprecedented competition to traditional models of the university. The twin challenges of providing high-quality services and controlling costs continue to impel institutions to seek creative solutions” -  The Horizon Report 2011
Second week's topic for EduMOOC was- "What the Research Tells Us", which is really an interesting topic!  I think, we should start from the success as well as failure stories from corporate sector in this respect. Because the possibilities of ODL including its eLearning variants are being greatly made use by the Corporate Sector and hence most of the researches on the effectiveness of e-learning systems are greatly depending on the corporate experiences for data.
For example, when you go back by a decade as our weekly topic suggests, you may love to read "An Assessment of the Effectiveness of e-learning in Corporate Training Programs" - International Review of Research in O…

EduMOOC; Online Learning Today

EduMOOC is an eight week (starting from 27th June, 2011) Massive Online Open Course being conducted by the Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield on “Online Learning Today... and Tomorrow”.The course is coordinated by Ray Schroeder, Professor Emeritus & Director, UOI. As a newbie to MOOC my initial impression is that MOOC is a self guided learning programme on given topics with the aid of a variety of ODL techniques and technology platforms wherein learners are free to chose their own choice of technology, say, google groups, twitter, facebook, blogging, live streaming etc. The academic support from the organizers will be mostly in the form of opening channels of communication, bookmarking resources related to the topics of the course, start discussion threads initially and conduct a live session in each week during the course time. Though new comers might feel a little bit confused initially because of the diverse platforms…