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Open Licensing; two important policy initiatives

Recently open licensing domain  witnessed two great policy initiatives. On 30th May, 2011, the Commonwealth of Learning website reported a policy decision taken at the Commonwealth of Learning ( to promote the use of open licensing, , relating to OER, in governments and institutions and release its own (COL’s) materials under the most feasible open licenses including  CC-BY-SA.  As per  COL’s policy on  OER, it will:
encourage and support governments and institutions to establish supportive policy frameworks to introduce practices relating to OER ;advocate the merits of collaboratively creating, sharing and using OER, as one form of intellectual capital in education, to improve quality and enhance long-term cost-effectiveness; andrelease its own materials under the most feasible open licenses including the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license.
(See )

The next initiative is the proposal of Russian President Dmitry Medved…