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OERu to establish OERTen

After the open planning meeting in March 2011, the Open Education Resources university concept has undergone elaborate discussions in many local, national and international venues.
The need for alternative systems to bridge the gigantic demand-supply gap existing (and increasing) in the traditional model of education is well explained in the words of Sir John Daniel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth of Learning at the Meeting of Focal Points for Africa & the Mediterranean : “Two years ago UNESCO’s World Conference on Higher Education identified massification as the major trend and the numbers are staggering – particularly here in Africa. Nearly one-third of the world’s population (29.3%) is under 15. Today there are 165 million people enrolled in tertiary education. Projections suggest that that participation will peak at 263 million in 2025.
Accommodating the additional 98 million students would require more than four major universities (30,000 students) …