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Nuclear Energy and the need for taking up radiation challenges

During last few days I was reading OERs,  other studies and reports on Nuclear energy, and radiation in particular.      So far I am convinced that Nuclear Energy is a reliable source of energy. Most probably we do not have the information about any other sustainable mechanism of energy generation to meet our energy needs. However we cannot help but raise our eyebrows when we think about Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and now Fukushima accidents.
In simple terms radiation is the emission of energy particles or waves from the excited (or high energy developed) nuclei of atoms. It is an effort of the high energy nuclei  to go to a low energy or stable state. It is called radiation because this energy radiates or travels in straight lines to all directions. Light, heat and microwave are radiations in our daily life. Sun and stars send cosmic radiation from times unknown. Our earth is a source of natural terrestrial radiation chiefly through Radon gas and also many other radioactive materi…