Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Towards an OER University

In a joint Media release the OER Foundation, New Zealand and the UNESCO Office for pacific states have announced their decision to to host a strategic international meeting in Dunedin on 23 February, to commence planning for the provision of free learning to all students worldwide. Support from the United Nations Science and Education Organisation (UNESCO) to stream the meeting on the internet will allow the participation of education leaders and interested persons from around the globe. The joint press release invites all stakeholders to join the meeting as a virtual participant. The meeting is expected to become the first milestone towards the establishment of an OER University.

OER University will definitely be a great success becuse it is the need of the hour. Moreover, Open Distance Learning using OERs is the most environment friendly way of education. It will drastically cut down the necessities for extensive travels for studies as well as enormous printing of study materials. I would recommend agencies like United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change etc should also join hands with this innovation. Looking forward to see the promising future wherein Open Distance Learning (ODL) supported by Open Educational Resources (OER) and ICT build the inclusive Mainstream Education System.

Please see the original media release in the iframe below:


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