Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A revolutionary decade of Wikipedia

Wikipedia completes a revolutionary decade on 15th January 2011. The concept of an open source web-based online encyclopedia was proposed by Richard Stallman around 1999. Wikipedia was formally launched on 15 January 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger using the concept and technology of a wiki pioneered by Ward Cunningham. Wikipedia was originally started as a side-project to allow collaboration on articles prior to entering the peer review process of then existed Nupedia that was launched on March 9, 2000 (by Jimmy Wales) to publish peer reviewed encyclopedic content freely. But the world's preference stayed with Wikipedia and thus we got today's WP.

Just an overview of the domain of knowledge sharing during pre-WP and post-WP eras is sufficient enough for anybody to recognize WP as the greatest technology-mediated-knowledge-revolution of modern time with 15 million freely usable articles in over two hundred languages created by a million registered users and countless anonymous contributors.

"While being itself the greatest knowledge sharing revolution, wikipedia also leads that revolution!."
While being itself the greatest knowledge sharing revolution, wikipedia also leads that revolution!. Taking inspiration from WP, thousands of projects for free sharing of knowledge - both online and off line- have been originated during the past decade by institutions and individuals alike. In this sense, WP can be looked at as the leader of this knowledge revolution.

The world is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia with very high enthusiasm and jubilation and voicing the slogan "Wikipedia, one of the most successful projects of the world, will be 10 years old. Let´s celebrate!." Around 340 events are being conducted across the globe to mark the occasion (see  ).

Wishing a jubilant anniversary and seamlessly unbeatable and prosperous future to Wikipedia!!!

View a message from the Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales

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