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When simplicity would mean survival...

Do we have an one word solution for all the problems of our world? Yes, we do have. That one word magical answer is SIMPLICITY.

Mahatma Gandhi, India’s father of nation has told that “I cannot help thinking that it would be a great catastrophe. a great national tragedy, if you were to barter away your simplicity for this tinsel splendour"

As today (October 10) being World Mental Health Day, it is an ideal time to think about simplicity in life. Because, the struggles we engage in to own luxuries are the major reasons for stress in day-to-day life which  in turn leads to unhealthy mental conditions.
None of us seems to disagree with the merits of simplicity. But when it comes to practice we usually opt to linger. Why does it happen?...  It is where we realize the deadly influence of luxuries over our habits. It is able to suppress and surpass prudence and facts that caution against the evil effects of luxuries.

Let us take the case of Hypercholesterolemia and Gout. Most of us in th…