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Saturday, 22, 2010; sixth day of the International Training Programme at ICPE, Slovenia and it was the day for second field trip; our destination was Vienna - the capital city of Austria (the previous day we visited Venice). Apart from the status of the capital city, Vienna is also one of the nine states in the Republic of Austria. It is also the prominent cultural, economic and political centre of Austria.
Our bus started from Hotel Austria Trend at 7.30AM. The distance from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Vienna, Austria is around 383 km and it took around 4 hours to reach Vienna. The highway to Vienna goes through the enchanting beauty of Slovenian villages.

Our first destination was Schonbrunn Palace, the historic home of the Hapsburg rulers and now one of the most important historic places in Austria. The Palace is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List since 1996. The palace is under the administrative control of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth. The Schlo…

Need for State Owned Public Conveyance Systems

Though the title of the article is indicative of public transport systems in general, I would like to concentrate on the need for state owned public transport systems on roads. It is particularly important because of the gigantic proportion that the vehicles on road own with respect to all crucial parameters such as total number, the number of  passengers it transport, the number of accidents it make, the volume of oil it consumes, and  share  in environment pollution. 

A major portion of air pollution is caused by Carbon Monoxide (CO) emission and on an average more that 80% of the Carbon Monoxide emission is caused by Motor Vehicles. It is a very dangerous situation. It affects all categories of people and weakens physical strength, vision, ability to perform complex functions, learning activities  etc. Since the efforts for alternate fuel are yet to provide effective alternatives for hydrocarbon-based fuels, the only solution before the world is to think about ways to cut down the c…