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Venice; the Floating City

Friday, May 21, 2010; it was the 5th day of our Training Programme at ICPE, Ljubljana, Slovenia and the day was for understanding the social, cultural and industrial lives in and around Slovenia - our destination was Venice and we started from Hotel Austria Trend, Ljubljana to Venice around 8 A.M by a bus arranged by ICPE. We travelled from Ljubljana to Trieste and further on to Venice. The journey took roughly three hours.
On the way to Venetian islands we took a short break at Jesolo. Jesolo town is in the north of Venice. The city is famous for its 15 km long beach. However we did not go to the beach side as it was only a short break and all of us were very particular about spending more time in Venetian lagoons. Therefore we just strode along some market places and assembled again near Gelateria LOVAT in the Nazario Sauro street for our onward journey to Venetian islands.
We arrived at a public parking area in the main land of Venice around 11AM. A local guide greeted us there and w…