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India; an emerging knowledge economy

In the new economic order of Knowledge Economy, knowledge leads the way for wealth creation. Knowledge is extensively used either as a product or a tool for economic prosperity. This blog highlights  the enabling environments in India that facilitate the emergence of India as a Knowledge Economy.

Enabling Environment: Formal Education System

Historic Innovations
With traceable history of formal education dating back to 5th Century BCE or BC, starting from Taxila and Nalanda, India stands among the world's most favourite Education Gateways. The developments in the 5th Century BCE had the strong back up of the centuries of experience acquired from the Gurukul system of education, perhaps the earliest form of residential education system, existed since the vedic period.
Whether it is vedic era or the era of ancient India or medieval era or colonial era or the present independent era, the education system in India, both formal and non-formal, managed to attain new heights steadily. This …