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To save our PLANET

We want to save our planet, but how?  ...if the future environmental situations would force the world population to queue up for the daily ration of oxygen supply, floating over water and wearing heavy insulated suits, all prosperity would mean nothing but a curse. Value of money will be lost once the PLANET is sick. We do not want this nightmare to happen.
The Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen concluded with an 'Accord', which is viewed as an 'important beginning'. Though world leaders found it difficult to arrive at a treaty at this point of time, the conference is reported to be concluded with a consensus to develop a treaty in a way that is really collaborative.
The decision for collaborative development of the treaty is  a positive sign. As climate change being a global issue, it is ideal to have collaboratively developed remedial measures. In order to make this collaboration effective, first of all we have to educate people. Though the jargon  "Global Wa…