Friday, August 28, 2009

Right from me to you

Even though we are all trying to make our planet a peaceful place to live, the situation is worsening day by day. Why? The question will definitely bring in silence for a few moments. This silence means confusion. Great level of confusion prevails among the policy makers as well as the field workers.

As we are all aware of, there is no shortcut to achieve peace. Whatever been achieved through shortcut methods will have a lot of shortcomings and eventually will become short lived. Therefore the situation required to be first analysed from its socio-economic-political angles. The study should reach the individual level because world peace is the sum total of peaceful individual minds.

Let as take the example of medical team brainstorming on the kind of treatment protocol to be followed in the case of a patient having a very complex health situation caused by multiple diseases. The current situation of the human society all over the world is a magnified picture of the above individual situation. Ailments of the society are many. They are:
  • Individual
  • Social
  • Economic
  • Political
  • Scientific (all the other four situations are heavily influenced by the scientific situation)
Let us look at the universe. Every thing is arranged based on some systems. And all the systems are harmoniously interconnected. Ironically, all the dangers that are being faced by the human society is really the outcome of its own action in upsetting/ breaking systems and their harmony.

The thirst for harmony should begin from the individual. Then only such individuals together will form a harmonious society. Therefore the individuals and organizations that intend to be catalistic to this harmonisation process should work together to design and implement different levels of systems for this upward harmonisation process in consultation with different streams of sciences including social sciences, economics etc.

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