Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Need for Travel

Do people need to travel these much?

As the world is becoming a Global Village, the scope/area of involvements for individuals and resultant requirement of travels are being augmented steadily. Over and above all other reasons, traveling a lot is widely considered as a matter of pride. This is also one of the factors that prompt people to set out for travel without considering the necessity. But I think that an intelligent planning of day to day business of individuals as well as business houses and proper use of information technology can save people from the difficulties of unnecessary travels. This will quite naturally pose another question; “is traveling that much a difficult task?”

In olden days traveling was really difficult chiefly because of the non availability of reliable and safe conveyance. When sophisticated technologies have begun to play on roads, rails, at sea and of course in the air, traveling has become a passion. However, now there are sufficient grounds to suspect whether we are going back to the difficult times; definitely not because of the old reasons. The reasons for the present difficulties of a traveler are multi facet and more serious ones. Unstable costs, security risks, tiresome procedures due to security threats, increased health risks including epidemics…all these and more add to the worries of a traveler. It doesn’t mean a no-travel policy; on the other hand we have to practice reasonable restrains and refrains – to make the public transport systems and public places less crowded and inviting to all those travel.

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