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My World! (Poem)

They gave me expectations

They led me forward.
Forward journeys… They gave me experiences

They gave me wisdom

It enlightened my thoughts

They built my world!

Right from me to you

Even though we are all trying to make our planet a peaceful place to live, the situation is worsening day by day. Why? The question will definitely bring in silence for a few moments. This silence means confusion. Great level of confusion prevails among the policy makers as well as the field workers.

As we are all aware of, there is no shortcut to achieve peace. Whatever been achieved through shortcut methods will have a lot of shortcomings and eventually will become short lived. Therefore the situation required to be first analysed from its socio-economic-political angles. The study should reach the individual level because world peace is the sum total of peaceful individual minds.

Let as take the example of medical team brainstorming on the kind of treatment protocol to be followed in the case of a patient having a very complex health situation caused by multiple diseases. The current situation of the human society all over the world is a magnified picture of the above individual si…

Let me seek it! (Poem)

LET ME SEEK IT Poem: P. Anil Prasad

It is like a dream
Half revealed and
Half unrevealed

Appears to be familiar
While remains an alien
Strangely quite often

Makes you feel proximity
While teasing you
With far-off giggles

Inflames temptations
As if the sweetest you ever met
While showering pains on you

Spreading fear
As if the most dreaded
While keeping you lusty

Let me seek it
Though uncertain mostly
How it would become.

Need for Travel

Do people need to travel these much?

As the world is becoming a Global Village, the scope/area of involvements for individuals and resultant requirement of travels are being augmented steadily. Over and above all other reasons, traveling a lot is widely considered as a matter of pride. This is also one of the factors that prompt people to set out for travel without considering the necessity. But I think that an intelligent planning of day to day business of individuals as well as business houses and proper use of information technology can save people from the difficulties of unnecessary travels. This will quite naturally pose another question; “is traveling that much a difficult task?”

In olden days traveling was really difficult chiefly because of the non availability of reliable and safe conveyance. When sophisticated technologies have begun to play on roads, rails, at sea and of course in the air, traveling has become a passion. However, now there are sufficient grounds to suspect…

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Thought of the day

A place to archive my thoughts from the 'Thought of the day' column

Sunday, December 8, 2013
"Fear is basically an inborn mechanism to protect ones life. When one realizes that the purpose of her/his life is to save other lives, the fear is conquered - MANDELA DID IT AND WE LOVE IT"
Friday, March 29, 2013
"I think, in open licensing, our goal should be an environment wherein attribution must not defy/supersede philanthropy."
Sunday, June 17, 2012
"Nothing happens in the universe without reason. Widespread lifestyles and eating habits can become (among many) reasons that trigger biological evolution, I believe."
Saturday, June 16, 2012
"In my wild thoughts [or intuitions? :) ], I suspect ever increasing occurrences of cancers in human beings as an early indication of an impending strong wave of biological evolution."
Monday, April 02, 2012
"Man is a nano-version of the Universe ! -  philosophically and scientifically" Sunday, March 25, 201…