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To save our PLANET

We want to save our planet, but how?  ...if the future environmental situations would force the world population to queue up for the daily ration of oxygen supply, floating over water and wearing heavy insulated suits, all prosperity would mean nothing but a curse. Value of money will be lost once the PLANET is sick. We do not want this nightmare to happen.
The Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen concluded with an 'Accord', which is viewed as an 'important beginning'. Though world leaders found it difficult to arrive at a treaty at this point of time, the conference is reported to be concluded with a consensus to develop a treaty in a way that is really collaborative.
The decision for collaborative development of the treaty is  a positive sign. As climate change being a global issue, it is ideal to have collaboratively developed remedial measures. In order to make this collaboration effective, first of all we have to educate people. Though the jargon  "Global Wa…

Wayanad; everlasting memories of a travel

Wayanad, a northern district of Kerala state (my state) in India is always a passion for our friend Nelson, who has worked there for many years before joining us in Thiruvananthapuram, the State Head Quarters of Kerala. Through his narrations we (the other friends) have also got attracted to the place. Usually every year, we conduct two-three days trekking tour. This time we have decided to select Wayanad. Anil Kumar, Anoop, Nelson, Dileep, Sabu, Gopikrishnan and me (Anil Prasad) arrived at Kalpetta, the head quarters of Wayanad district in the misty and cold early morning of 9th October, 2009 by KSRTC bus from Kozhikode. We were travelling the whole night from Thiruvananthapuram to Kozhikoe by train. Another friend Asokan would join as there. Asokan would also arrange a rented van for our local trips. After having tea from a small shop in front of the Kalpetta Civil Station, we went to the PWD Rest House to freshen up and to take breakfast. By 11 a.m the entire team got ready for the…

WikiEducator; a promising star in the OER world

Dr. Wayne along with school children
after signing Open Education Declaration
at Warrington School Otago

WikiEducator (  is an online community project founded by Dr. Wayne Mackintosh for working collaboratively towards a free version of the education curriculum. It was launched in 2006 using MediaWiki, a free and open technology. WikiEducator aims to build a thriving and sustainable global community dedicated to the design, development and delivery of free content for learning in realization of a free version of the education curriculum by 2015.

Dr. Wayne Mackintosh has set up the prototype of WikiEducator in a desktop machine and registered the WikiEducator domain name during February 2006 in New Zealand. In April 2006, the prototype was moved onto a hosted server with the financial assistance of Cmmonwealth of Learning (COL). By 2009 WikiEducator’s activities and influence have expanded well beyond the Commonwealth and it became an independent entity as from 1 J…


A saturated classroom study setup.

Development of formal classroom study setups are now in a saturated situation. In most places further development of infrastructure for conventional classroom learning, especially for higher education, is quite difficult. In the administrative side reasons are many like constrain of space, resources, etc. In the learners' and parents' side, now a day, majority of people do not have the financial health to spend a life time for education alone. In these tightening economic situations, work and study is the only principle that can keep higher education accessible to all who seek it.

Education - a costly commodity

In the present educational set up, Universities and Educational Institutions require very large amount of money for planning and providing quality education. We are living in an age where complete State funding of Universities and Educational Institutions are simply not possible. Therefore, private universities, for-profit as well as no…

Transnational Qualification Framework (TQF)

A Transnational Qualification Framework (TQF) is a developing system of framework for educational qualifications that would be recognized internationally.

A Qualification Framework is primarily an official document that clearly defines each and every qualification brought under it. It may also provide a hierarchy of qualifications. In system view it is a meta-data model that is an all encompassing framework to integrate the qualifications issued by different academic bodies into a common structure. It consists of a set of common reference points, referring to learning outcomes, supported by a range of tools and techniques, regardless of the system where a particular qualification was acquired.

In the present world socio-economic situations a Transnational Qualification Framework is very much required because of the following.

Frameworks can provide towards a system that is based on learning outcomes and the implied shift from a teaching based system to a learning based system.
It can …

eGovernance - A quick starter guide


Now a day eGovernance occupies the topmost position in the agenda of almost all Governments in the world and lot of public money is being pumped to eGovernance initiatives. Therefore very intelligent planning is required to produce desired returns.

eGovernance can be defined as ICT assisted Good governance. Therefore eGovernance initiatives necessarily should have all the components required for Good governance.

This quick starter guide is neaither a solution nor a proposal, where as it is a brief compilation of best practices that can ignite eGovernance discussions.

In the area of eGovernance, the shortest method to get realistic inputs for planning is study of failures. Some of the most common reasons for failures are listed below:
Absence of proper system studyAbsence of proper documentation Absence of proper organization structure Absence of committed involvement by the top management in the process, especially in he three crucial steps as listed 1 to 3 above. Ab…

My World! (Poem)

They gave me expectations;

They led me forward.

They gave me wisdom;

It enlightened my thoughts;

They built my world!

Right from me to you

Even though we are all trying to make our planet a peaceful place to live, the situation is worsening day by day. Why? The question will definitely bring in silence for a few moments. This silence means confusion. Great level of confusion prevails among the policy makers as well as the field workers.

As we are all aware of, there is no shortcut to achieve peace. Whatever been achieved through shortcut methods will have a lot of shortcomings and eventually will become short lived. Therefore the situation required to be first analysed from its socio-economic-political angles. The study should reach the individual level because world peace is the sum total of peaceful individual minds.

Let as take the example of medical team brainstorming on the kind of treatment protocol to be followed in the case of a patient having a very complex health situation caused by multiple diseases. The current situation of the human society all over the world is a magnified picture of the above individual si…

Let me seek it! (Poem)

It's like a dream
Half revealed and
Half unrevealed

Gives a feel that's familiar
Still remains to be
Unfamiliar always

Seems to be near
But remains to be

Raises temptations
As if among the sweetest
While showering pains

Spreading fear
As if a dreaded
While remains to be lovely

Let me seek it
Though uncertain mostly
About how it looks like!

Need for Travel

Do people need to travel these much?

As the world is becoming a Global Village, the scope/area of involvements for individuals and resultant requirement of travels are being augmented steadily. Over and above all other reasons, traveling a lot is widely considered as a matter of pride. This is also one of the factors that prompt people to set out for travel without considering the necessity. But I think that an intelligent planning of day to day business of individuals as well as business houses and proper use of information technology can save people from the difficulties of unnecessary travels. This will quite naturally pose another question; “is traveling that much a difficult task?”

In olden days traveling was really difficult chiefly because of the non availability of reliable and safe conveyance. When sophisticated technologies have begun to play on roads, rails, at sea and of course in the air, traveling has become a passion. However, now there are sufficient grounds to suspect…

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Thought of the day

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Sunday, December 8, 2013
"Fear is basically an inborn mechanism to protect ones life. When one realizes that the purpose of her/his life is to save other lives, the fear is conquered - MANDELA DID IT AND WE LOVE IT"
Friday, March 29, 2013
"I think, in open licensing, our goal should be an environment wherein attribution must not defy/supersede philanthropy."
Sunday, June 17, 2012
"Nothing happens in the universe without reason. Widespread lifestyles and eating habits can become (among many) reasons that trigger biological evolution, I believe."
Saturday, June 16, 2012
"In my wild thoughts [or intuitions? :) ], I suspect ever increasing occurrences of cancers in human beings as an early indication of an impending strong wave of biological evolution."
Monday, April 02, 2012
"Man is a nano-version of the Universe ! -  philosophically and scientifically" Sunday, March 25, 201…